Belfast Recovery College invites you to enrol on its free Wellbeing and Mental Health Education Courses

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Belfast Recovery College welcomes everyone in the community to enrol for a free wellbeing and mental health education courses.

Our students include such a diversity of people from the community including Carers, people with lived experience of mental health, carers, family, professionals, front-line workers or those an interest in mental health, young people 16 years and over. Our courses are inclusive – anyone can attend!

Currently we have a range of webinars available. In the future we are looking forward to returning to our face to face workshops. Examples of the courses include:
Living with Anxiety, Understanding loneliness and Covid 19, Staying Safe (living with self-harm), Personal Independence Plan, Resilience, Living with Autism, Assertiveness, Creative Writing, Living with Bipolar, Getting a Good Night’s Sleep and lots more!

Belfast Recovery College delivers its courses in a different way. With an informal learning and welcoming style, our courses are co-facilitated by two people with knowledge of the subject area: - a mental health tutor (e.g. a doctor, psychologist) and a peer tutor with lived and caring experience of mental health. All courses are co-produced.

Yet our courses go beyond mental health - they are often a way to reconnect again, gain personal knowledge and development and aimed to helping us all stay well.

The Recovery College is not about getting qualifications and degrees. It is about living well to a better degree.

Here are our student experiences:
“I am a student at the Belfast Recovery College. I didn't notice until I spoke and learnt from other people at the college with lived experiences and interests of mental health/services that the concept of recovery was possible for me. The example of the recovery of others was mirrored to me and the support I have received from colleagues and students during the educational placement that I am undertaking at the college and my participation in various educational courses have been a great experience. I have grown in confidence in my personal life and educational development. I feel more confident in assisting other peer educational facilitators and learners at the college to design and deliver good content in courses for anyone interested in mental health, and I continue to learn about my own recovery every day I am involved with the college.”

“I am a Senior Peer Educator with the Belfast Recovery College. At the Belfast Recovery College, we do not define people as a mental health diagnosis. We are students. Once a patient sitting opposite a doctor, I now coproduce courses such understanding medications and Advocacy. Education is a type of language that gives people strength: a voice. Education and recovery are powerful concepts and with them comes choice, hope, and control. Choice is paramount.”

Join our growing community of 2.5 thousand students to learn together and stay well.

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Phone: 028 9504 3059

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