Get Into Nature this Summer with MyNI!

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With 2020 designated the summer of the staycation, MyNI Life a government digital marketing service, is sharing messages and content on behalf of the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and other trusted providers in a new campaign called #GetIntoNature.

We aim to encourage people across Northern Ireland to get out into Nature, enjoy it without damaging it, do what we can to help protect it and to be prepared for all conditions and events that may occur when we’re out and about.

Volunteer Now are encouraging people to consider volunteering as an option to taking their 5 Steps to Wellbeing – Connecting with people and giving back not only helps others, but is proven to make us feel better about ourselves.

Nature not only inspires us but supports our mental and emotional wellbeing, reduces anxiety and helps us deal with challenges in life that we all face. We’ve all been guilty of not being ‘present in the moment’ thanks to social media, gadgets and digital interruptions but getting into nature can help us to de-stress, focus and put things into perspective.

For many families during lockdown the garden or local green spaces became the real focus of our attention and with the weather being unseasonably good we took every opportunity to walk or cycle, to grow our own, to plant seeds, to study nature around us and be thankful for our little patch of heaven! It almost felt like we were hidden from what was happening elsewhere.

Northern Ireland is rich with so many beautiful wild and wonderful places from our rugged coastlines, deep forests, breath-taking beaches and giant mountains, and we are encouraging people to Leave No Trace, Love the Place and Be Outdoor Smart!

We are working with partners, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, Outdoor Recreation NI, Public Health Agency, Inspire and Discover NI to bring you top tips and advice on how to make the most of our stunning natural environment this summer.

For some great ideas and summer staycation tips please visit: and you can follow the campaign on social media at: MyNI Facebook, MyNI twitter, MyNI Instagram

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