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Stress Programmes

View Programmes on Stress - Dealing with Stress, Steps to Deal with Stress and Stress Control Classes.

Alcohol and You 

Self-Help Programme

This programme contains 5 modules that will help you become better informed about the effects of alcohol, and help you to set goals and limits around your alcohol consumption.

Cannabis and You

Self-Help Booklet

This booklet is for anyone concerned that their cannabis use is affecting them in a negative way. It will also give family members and friends information they may find helpful.


Self-Help Booklet

Dealing with worry in difficult times, Created by Ed Sipler, Health Development / Addiction Services South Eastern HSC Trust

Steps to Cope

Online Information

An online information resource designed to support individuals living with the presence of alcohol misuse, substance misuse or mental health difficulties in their family.

Bend Don’t Break 

Self-Help Booklet

Building strengths that build resilience. It is better to bend than to break

Alcohol, Drugs and Change  

Self-Help Video

Addiction specialist Ed Sipler asks 8 questions you may find helpful when thinking about change with your alcohol or drug use.

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